The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory project was phase two of the redevelopment of Millburn House.  In total five phases were carried out to transform Millburn House from a light industrial unit with associated office space into an educational facility. The accommodation included performing arts facilities along side academic offices for Theatre Studies, the CAPITAL centre and the Department of History of Art as well as extensive laboratories for Physics and Chemistry with offices and write up areas. 


The main Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) imaging laboratory was the largest in Europe on completion. The laboratory design had to factor in hazards in the form of very strong magnetic fields, exposed lasers, rapid Helium purging and Nitrogen leaks from the research equipment. A two story plant room was built along side of Millburn house to provide dedicated services to the NMR Hall to deal with the close control requirements of the lab. Project undertaken whilst working at ADP.


Photographs courtesy of The University of Warwick.