Located on Boldmere Road in Sutton Coldfield, the two new buildings provide the church with entrance and foyer facilities. The client’s brief was to create a defined entrance, previously lacking, plus to make the church more visible on the high street to attract visitors to the community activities they regularly host. To achieve this our design response was two modern buildings. A front entrance foyer that ‘pushes’ out into the road, to be deliberately prominent and visible, both to passers-by and from further along the main part of the shopping street. This building also links the front halls and circulation areas together that before were accessed individually. The second rear building is a replacement entrance foyer to the church hall improving access and circulation. This like the front extension is designed as a contemporary addition with both buildings mirroring one another.


The project has been greatly received by the client and those that visit and use the high street and church. Having an improved presence on Boldmere Road has provided a boost that was evident at the annual festival held in Boldmere where the church threw open their doors to the public. It’s been a pleasure working on this small but engaging community project. 


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Photography by Chris Snook Photography